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Welcome!  This is your course user’s manual.

For future reference you can:



  • 4 WEBINAR VIDEOS + a bonus Webinar video
  • A WORKBOOK and TOOL CARD for each prerecorded Webinar video
  • 4 GROUP COACHING CALLS, each about the content of a Webinar video, available LIVE OR RECORDED.  (Content of the Bonus webinar is covered in the next call or the 4th call, depending on its order listed within the course.)

They are computer and mobile friendly and downloadable for you to play or keep forever. You have 60 days access to enjoy the calls and download the materials.  60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls are also included, as described in a separate Daily HeartStart welcome email.

Each course page has all 4 Webinar classes and a bonus Webinar listed as you scroll down.


  1. Log in at www.heartmastery.com and select your course from the menu.
  2. On your course page, start with course Class #1.  For your Workbooks and Tool Cards, click, select “Save As”, download and print the class Workbook and Tool Card to have available with pencil or pen when listening to the webinar and during the Group Coaching Call, live or recorded.
  3. Watch the Webinar video, either
  • Streaming from your computer or mobile device like an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.  Just click white arrow.  And/or ….
  • Download and keep permanently on your computer or device. (Are you New to downloading? See additional Download Tips below) For saving with most browsers, just right click the blue link under the video screen. Select “Save Link As” from the dropdown menu.  Find the folder you would like to save to in your Video library or device and click Save so it can download to there. 
  • If you are using an iPad IOS device, you will need to download an app to download videos. One free option is 
  1. Check the Events Calendar schedule or your welcome email to see if there are live Group Coaching Calls scheduled.  Options for attending free through  Skype can be found at http://heartmastery.com/l/setting-skype-access   and other Free Conference Call options can be found at https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/hd-conferencing/

Call recordings: And/or you can listen at your leisure to recorded Group Coaching Calls from the Group Coaching Call archive found below the video, either

  • Streaming with the blue arrow, or
  • Download them by right clicking the blue link.  Select “Save Link As” from the dropdown menu.  Find the folder you would like to save to in your Music library or device and click Save so it can download to there.


Create HeartMastery Course folders in your computer or device library for your Workbook PDF files in Documents, Mp4 files in Video, and mp3 files in Music so they are easy to find and enjoy.  Or you can organize all these various types of files under the applicable course name for reference that way.

For best performance we recommend these internet browsers: Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.  JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on all browsers.  Note IOS users may need to go to their itunes account to find an app to download and keep videos onto IOS devices.


We send two emails per week with HeartMath tool reminders,meaningful quotes, reminders for the dates and access information for calls as well as some other valuable communications. To prevent our emails from being caught in your spam filter, add info@heartmastery.com in your email contacts. Check your Junk Mail files too and reclassify any of our emails there as Not Junk, and indicate they are from a trustable source.


If at any point you have questions or concerns, you can always address them by going to the "Need Help?" section at the bottom of your first course page. You may find your answers immediately in our FAQs found under "Need Help?" at the bottom of the course page. If you still need help, please use the "Contact Us" form.

Our helpful online FAQs: http://getsatisfaction.com/heartmastery?view=recent

Contact Us page: http://heartmastery.com/contact

HeartMastery Customer Care: support@heartmastery.com


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We sincerely want the HeartMastery program to be a wonderful experience for you, one that will create a lasting change in your life and empower you to manifest your heart's purpose and create your lasting legacy for the world. Thank you for joining the HeartMastery community. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to connect with you in the heart.

With love and care,

The HeartMastery Team

Medical Disclaimer:

The Heart Empowerment and HeartMastery Program and its providers do not provide medical advice. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. This is a program specifically designed to learn tools to access heart intelligence to manage stress. If you have a medical condition or believe that your stress is related to a medical condition, you are advised to seek the attention and advice of a primary care physician.

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