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Intermediate Course Class #2 - Planning from the Heart

Intermediate Course Class #2 - Planning from the Heart
Intermediate Course Class #2 - Planning from the Heart
Price: $97.00

This class introduces you to the art of planning and visioning from the heart, with specific tools proven to enhance heart/brain communication and manifestation. Here, with the HeartMapping® Tool, you will lay the foundation for the Heart Hologramming reality creation tool explored in the Advanced Course. Enhancing the way the heart and mind interact will give you a more laser-like connection to your abilities to create and manifest. We think of ‘being in the heart’ as being in the present moment, whereas planning often throws us into the mind's future projections and past ruminations. This class elegantly resolves that paradox, allowing you to tap into the power Kahlil Gibran phrased, "The brain gives the heart its sight; the heart gives the brain its vision." This class provides mental and emotional clutter clearing. It opens the way for efficiency, intuitive guidance and true creativity-- whether you are planning your day or planning your life legacy. It is in this class that the idea "follow your heart" truly comes to life, leading you to greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure. The HeartMapping Tool facilitated a Boeing division to come out ahead of schedule and under budget for the first time ever! You've heard the phrase, "Two heads are better than one"? Well a heart and a head aligned are even better! Come to this class to get your head and heart co-creating in sync!


From Boeing:

“Some see HeartMath as stress reduction. Some say it helps their family life and their productivity. Our focus was both cost and productivity… HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in under budget, on time, with productivity gains of up to 12 percent.”

—Steve Stephenson, Senior Manager OD, BCA Engineering & Product Integrity





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