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Relationship Mastery 2 - Class #4

Relationship Mastery 2 - Class #4
Relationship Mastery 2 - Class #4
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The Crisis of Trust

Learn what and whom to trust in relationship, based on all that you have learned in your Relationship Mastery Course.  Ultimately, all relationships are mirrors of our relationship with our own heart: our capacity to hear our heart, trust what we hear, and act on it. In this class you will refine your discernment between pulls that seem to masquerade as heart-reads, which produce disappointing outcomes and leave you mistrusting your own heart, vs. genuine heart intuition. Looking at places where you may feel your heart has let you down in the past, this class will help you discover the growth in those experiences and mend the foundation of all true trust- your relationship with your own heart. In so doing, you will complete your Relationship Mastery course series recognizing all relationships produce a context for your core relationship- you with your own heart- to grow and evolve!
Congratulations! Having completed the full core curriculum of HeartMastery you are ready to jump into the Living from Your Heart Course to apply all you have learned so far and prepare for your Electives Series Courses! We look forward to playing and growing with you in Living from the Heart!
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