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Advanced Course Class #1 - True Care and Overcare

Advanced Course Class #1 - True Care and Overcare
Advanced Course Class #1 - True Care and Overcare
Price: $97.00

Care is love made manifest. Care is coherence and love in action. It is this quality of love that will facilitate the shift to the heart on the planet. True care activates the magic of the heart.  True care is what brings heartinto the world and what regenerates and fuels the human system. However, when our care gets carried too far, and turns into worry, or anger, protectiveness, or other forms of incoherence, it becomes what we at HeartMath call "overcare." When we overcare, then our care becomes a source of stress and incoherence, and no longer serves us or others. In this class, you will learn to distinguish in yourself the difference between true care and overcare, and gain powerful resources to transform overcare into coherent true care from your heart.  All stress has true care beneath it. Discover the common thread between what stresses you out the most and what matters to you most, and how you can leverage that to bring the spark of spirit and heart purpose into your life and the world. Attend Advanced Class #1 and learn to fuel your heart's purpose from your true care!


“A mere five-minute session learning HeartMath from Sheva utterly changed my entire outlook, energy, aura — you name it. No more burnout symptoms. I was more than astounded. For me, it was earth-shattering. Better yet, it was ignorance-shattering. The process works. For several days afterward, I sat in bliss in the O.R., just breathing through my heart. Since then, I’ve slacked off the practice since I’ve felt so good — I have not needed it as much. It worked. I’m very familiar with all the stress literature, but to actually DO it and feel it was a whole other story.”
—Dr. Tom Sinclair, Anesthesiology

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