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Advanced Full Course (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)

Advanced Full Course (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Advanced Full Course (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Price: $347.00

This is a virtual course, taken in four 60+-minute webinars (and a bonus webinar) streamed through your computer or mobile device or downloaded, with 4 live or recorded weekly Group Coaching discussion/practice groups on the telephone, online or through Skype — all of which are also recorded for review or download.  When you purchase the entire course, you will have 60 days of access to all courseware plus bonus materials including workbook and tool card downloads and all previous archived discussions.

The Intermediate Course took everything you’d learned in the Shift to the Heart Course and turned it into a fun and simple practice you do in 10-15 minutes each day. In the Advanced Course, you will add more nuance, mastery and skill to that daily practice of Coherence in Action, building upon the foundation you’ve laid and gaining new ways to express it to make a tangible difference in yourself and in creating a heart-based world.

Discover the common thread between what stresses you out the most and what matters to you most, and how you can leverage that to bring the spark of spirit and heart purpose into your life and the world.

In this course you will learn to access and radiate what HeartMath founder Doc Childre calls one of the highest frequencies in the universe, to hold a light up for yourself and the world even in the darkest situations.

In the bonus webinar join HeartMath Director of Research, Dr. Rollin McCraty and hear about a fascinating study, which reveals that the heart is accessing the quantum field to receive information before an event actually occurs. With practical intuition and heart pre-cognition powered by the Point 0 technique and love, you will be unstoppable in unfolding the adventure of your heart’s purpose. Becoming more aware of, aligning with, healing the blockages, and actualizing your heart's intent are learnable skills you will practice in Advanced Class #4, with a technique called "Heart Hologramming™." Passion powered by compassion will buoy the best in you with inner confidence to make a difference in your own life and in the world throughout the advanced class. We hope you can join us!

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