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Graduate Level Tools 2 (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)

Graduate Level Tools 2 (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Graduate Level Tools 2 (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Price: $347.00

This is a virtual course, taken in four 60-minute webinars and one bonus webinar streamed online through your computer with live weekly discussion/practice groups on the telephone or through Skype — all of which are also recorded for online review. When you buy individual classes, you get access to both a single webinar and a single discussion group for one week. When you purchase the entire course, you will have 60 days of access to all courseware plus bonus materials including workbook and tool card downloads and all previous archived discussions.

In Graduate Course Level 2, we uncover more ways to get “ahead of the game” and co-create optimal potentials with heart to draw more fulfillment. Put your imagination to work to co-create optimal futures with spirit. In this course you will learn to see the energetic part you are playing that keep drawing experiences to you ‑ and how to take charge of what you are creating by re-gridding thoughts and feelings that aren’t aligned with your Higher Self. You will learn how to co-create with your spirit more honest heart-connected communication and more fulfilling relationships. You can then attract more experiences that make life a fun adventure! Finally, you will learn how to take responsibility for your own pitch and the collective pitch with the Heart Holodome Lock-In tool and the Global Coherence Initiative to co-create more positive futures for the planet!

Welcome to the Graduate Level Tools Course 2!

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