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Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 2

Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 2
Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 2
Price: $97.00

Most businesses would not consider opening their doors without a vision or mission statement behind what they do. And yet, most of us go about the business of our lives without a clear vision or mission statement around which to coherently construct our actions and responses to life. With a vision you can maintain your balance and focus, regardless of whatever curveballs come your way.

A mission statement gives you a lifeline to guide your actions, responses and intentions. It allows you to direct challenging situations toward a clear purpose and desired outcome. It harnesses the power of your imagination and halts your tendency as a human being to self-destructively misuse the power of imagination to drain vitality and create negative futures through “worst-case scenario thinking.”

In this class, you will be guided to craft your own life mission statement and learn how to use it to stop both whisper worries about the future and draining mental rumination and emotional brooding in order to create a passionate and empowered life that you love.

“Without a vision, they will perish.”
—Proverbs 29:18

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