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Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 3

Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 3
Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 3
Price: $97.00

The Planetary Shift is leading us into higher 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness, creating intuitive breakthroughs in people’s awareness and new technologies. These higher dimensions of awareness transcend separation and are powerful dimensions for creative manifestation and self-empowerment.

Our internal systems set themselves to baselines in lower dimensional conditions that feel normal because they are familiar, even when they are not optimal. The good news is that physical, mental and emotional baselines of consciousness can be transformed and reset through higher 4th dimensional awareness. The coherence-building tools you have been practicing help you access higher 4thdimensional frequencies coming into the planet to facilitate people in the global Shift. And the new skills you will learn in this class will help you move toward a higher 4th baseline in your daily activities. You can prevent pitch dips in your mood and reduce feelings of overload by approaching life and your to-do-lists segment by segment with the skills you will learn in this class. This will give you more power to move beyond old baseline patterns, to actualize what you know, and to manifest your heart’s intentions more fully than ever before. You will be able to increasingly let go of the past on the spot, build coherence and heart field environments ahead of the game, and become a powerful player proactively co-creating a more harmonious future and a heart-based higher 4th dimensional world.

“I have been experiencing food and eating issues for literally my entire life. That point of view, that energy drain, dissipated last week after the Graduate Tools Class No. 3. How did this shift occur? The participants were challenged to consider areas of their lives where they had the tendency to go to worse-case-scenario thinking — I chose my eating disorder. You then suggested that we might entertain the notion of “best-case-scenario” upward tilting. The conversation continued with the idea of a personal mission statement. I realized that focusing on this enormous obstacle had nothing to do with my core values. Friday morning, I woke up as a woman who had no food issues. During the day, I automatically went to heart, instead of anxiety, when food was offered or meals made and served. It feels absolutely natural! Today is Day 4 of living from this coherency! What a deeply satisfying journey. Again and again, my gratitude…”
—Eileen Gold, CEO, Paraclete Eldercare, Camarillo, Calif.

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