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Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 4

Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 4
Graduate Level Tools Classes - Class No. 4
Price: $97.00

Just Right Geometries occur when life seems to arrange situations that appear exquisitely designed just for you, either to push your buttons or fulfill your wishes. “Just Right Geometries” can be those “magical” synchronicities when everything falls into place. Or they can be challenges, when life arranges situations that trigger you in ways to help you see things you were unaware of. When a life geometry is animated or difficult, it can help you better see a gap in your awareness or behavior to motivate you to change and grow. New tools you will learn in this class, and new applications of some of the tools you have already learned in prior classes, will help you move through “Just Right Geometries” more effectively and receive the gifts from spirit that they contain. Empowered with tools to draw to you higher fourth dimensional perceptions and facilitation, “just right geometries” can give you a glimpse of a higher order to life that’s working on your behalf and accelerating your growth and contribution to the Planetary Shift. As you learn to recognize what is “just right” about what might feel “just wrong,” you’ll gain the heart power to attract and create more “just right geometries” that add fun and fulfillment to your journey!


“Fantastic class. I feel so blessed to be part of this. There is hope for the world!”
—Pamela Melcher, Health Care Provider and Creativity Coach, Oregon

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