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Graduate Level Tools Course (includes 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls)

Graduate Level Tools Course (includes 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls)
Graduate Level Tools Course (includes 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls)
Price: $347.00

This is a virtual course, taken in four 60 + minute prerecorded webinars plus a bonus prerecorded webinar, streamed online through your computer,  with live weekly discussion/practice groups on the telephone or through Skype — all of which are also recorded for online review. When you buy individual classes, you get access to both a single webinar and a single discussion group for one week. When you purchase the entire course, you will have 60 days of access to all courseware, plus bonus materials including workbook and tool card downloads and all previous archived discussions.

There is a field of energy that unites us all. When we radiate ease, peace, care and love from our hearts, we feed the field and can be fed by the field. If the “verse” in “universe” were true music, each of us as individuals would either be in pitch with the one song or stand out by dissonantly singing off-key. In this course, you will learn how to maintain your pitch to resonate with universal frequencies that nourish you and empower you to nourish the whole.

The function of the physical heart is brilliant in the way it is able to take care of itself while also caring for the whole — giving while receiving. When the heart contracts, it feeds the whole body; when it expands, it feeds and fuels itself. If any phase of this pulsing rhythm is interrupted, the whole system dies.

At this stage of development in the HeartMath skill set, you are ready to step into the HeartMastery of greater caring for yourself as well as extending your care globally with “mission alignment” — feeding the field while being fed by the energetic field of love. The result? A personal and global adventure where your needs are met more effortlessly through magnetic draw rather than drive! As well as a context where you help meet the needs of others in satisfying and surprising ways, without effort or force, but through the integrity and dignity of your mission alignment.

Welcome to the Graduate Level Tools Course!

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