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HeartBlueprints Course Classes - Class No. 2

HeartBlueprints Course Classes - Class No. 2
HeartBlueprints Course Classes - Class No. 2
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This class helps you further the adventure you had in the Advanced Course in which you differentiated desire traps from true heart's desires. You will learn how to overcome approval seeking, jealousy, comparisons with others, false agendas, self-righteousness and insecurity as roadblocks to the unfolding of your heart's blueprint. You will identify where these and other roadblocks are hidden energy drains, and transform them to open up brand new possibilities full of life, vitality, spirit and power in your journey.
The hope and promise for humanity, as we go through this planetary shift in consciousness, is that wecan transform our self-limiting patterns and move into manifesting new possibilities both personally and globally.  It’s already been proven that this can be done through the power and intelligence of the heart. With the Cut-Thru technique, you don’t need to sort through all the details of your past. You simply address the perceptions, feelings, and thoughts that come up while you are using the technique. Sometimes that can even allow you to see your past with new eyes.

In this class, you will gain the wisdom that every spiritual warrior seeks: direct knowledge of the unconscious motivating forces within you that are attracting repeating patterns that do not serve you, and the power and intelligence to transform and re-grid repeating patterns to create your true fulfillment blueprint from the heart.

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