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Living From the Heart (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)

Living From the Heart  (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Living From the Heart (includes 60 days Daily HeartStart Calls)
Price: $347.00

This course is experiential, consisting of four 90-minute live telephone classes. 

This class will be a completely new experience, different from all of your other previous HeartMastery classes. There is no online component and no set curriculum (you design your own!). Over the course of the class, you will walk across a bridge from being taught how to live from the heart to listening to the teacher within your own heart as you lead your life. This class is designed to take everything you have learned about heart empowerment and help you translate it into an even more fulfilling heart based life. By the end of the class, the goal is to be living from the heart and following your heart's blueprint a higher ratio of the time.

If you are not already working with a private coach through the HeartMastery program, you can add two half-hour private coaching calls with a licensed HeartMath provider every other week for an additional fee by contacting support@heartmastery.com

To prepare:

Set a goal or chief aim for yourself in taking this class. If you could accomplish anything four weeks from now, what would it be? Create a mind map and a heart map outlining that goal in detail for yourself and be prepared to share that with your coach in your first private coaching call.

In this class, you will be both facilitator as well as student, learning and refining your understanding of dimensional discernment to be an effective emotional grid engineer on Planet Earth during the dimensional shift.

NOTE: Living from the Heart classes will be recorded for those who miss a class for a one-time streaming only. No class may be downloaded and kept, to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all participants.

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