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Relationship Mastery Course - Bonus Class

Relationship Mastery Course - Bonus Class
Relationship Mastery Course - Bonus Class
Price: $97.00

Learn about the Circles of Relationship — a tool that will help you answer the following questions: How do I know whom to let into my inner circle and where to draw my boundaries? How do I create healthy boundaries from the heart, without feeling guilty? How do I stop the overcare and co-dependant caretaking that keeps me in relationship dynamics that do not work? How do I stay coherent in challenging relationships?

"The relationship I focused on in class is the one with my 18-year old stepson. He will be going to college in a month, and I’d really like to change my relationship to him before he leaves. Currently, he spends every other week at our house, but I hardly see him. He has vacation, so he sleeps in, and in the evenings, he hangs out with his friends. So we pretty much pass each other in the hallway and share the ‘how are you?’ basics, but that is about it. So, when I focused on wanting to improve the connection with him, my heart-map brought up to bring more care into the brief interactions that we do have. (Also in the ones in which I ask him to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc.) It just so happened (!) that that same evening we ended up in the kitchen together. Accessing care, I asked him about his upcoming move, how he was feeling about it, etc. We actually had a conversation that went deeper and lasted longer than we have had in a while. Most importantly, I told him I was going to miss him, and he even said he would be missing us (that, for an 18-year old boy/man is quite a vulnerability!). It was so cool! Additionally, having accessed this same care/connection/nurturing/sharing feeling that I experience in my fulfilling relationships, then spilled over to my relationship with my husband. As we know, a change of heart changes everything…Words do not adequately express my gratitude…But I offer them as my deepest thank you for bringing this joy to the most important part of my life."
—Mary Miller, Speaker and Account Exec, Northern California


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