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Relationship Mastery Course - Class 1

Relationship Mastery Course - Class 1
Relationship Mastery Course - Class 1
Price: $97.00

What is working in your relationships? What is not working? What are the patterns you perceive to be holding you back from what you want in your relations with others? In this class, you will learn how to cross that chasm and deal with past hurts, old repeating patterns and past perceived failures, so that you can free your attention to move forward and create the next and more fulfilling adventure in your relationships. Ultimately, what do you want in a relationship? This class will start you on the path to creating it with the Relationship Formula: a basic structure of HeartMath tools put together to guarantee to create more fulfillment in any relationship to which it is applied.

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the HeartMastery Relationship Class!!! It was so ‘heartful.’ I was able to go deeper into understanding myself and my relationship(s). This information is tremendously valuable and will allow me to access deeper and more fulfilling levels of relationship that I haven’t experienced before. With excitement and joy, I anticipate and look forward to growing even more in all my relationships. Thank you, thank you! This is what we should be learning in all our public schools!”
—Sharon Lanier Porter, Bookstore Owner, Austin TX

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