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Relationship Mastery Course - Class 2

Relationship Mastery Course - Class 2
Relationship Mastery Course - Class 2
Price: $97.00

In this class, you will learn:

  1. The difference between the “higher heart” and the “lower heart” and how to recognize where lower-heart interactions are compromising your relationships. You will be able to identify higher-heart replacement attitudes that can raise your relationships — and your own quality of life — to a whole new level of contentment, ease and passion.
  2. How to marry your inner intuition with your outer actions in order to create a better relationship between your own head and heart, and as a result establish better relationships with others.

“I talked about my Sister as the relationship I chose to work on in the Relationship Course. I said that I had to keep her on the outer edge of my circles because we have never gotten along well. I recently needed to communicate with her about a family matter, expecting the same old her. No way! I am seeing another incarnation of my Sister. She NEVER treated me this well before.

Quite to my surprise, she responded by writing to me about me in a very respectful and loving way: ‘As I read your words, my heart feels full and flowing out toward you in such a delightful way. Thank you, Jessica…our newfound correspondence is precious to me — I want to tell you from the deepest part of me that I appreciate you and all of your efforts to discover things and to be a catalyst for reform on many fronts. I’ll admit to you that I have not always been ready to embrace all that you have been interested in and concerned about. But I say to you, Dear Sister, you are amazing, and you are a beautiful being and I have tremendous respect for all of your exploration and stepping out way ahead of the curve. I love you deeply, and I appreciate you.’

Those are words that I NEVER(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thought I would hear from my Sister! This is a MIRACLE!! And in my mind, it proves that what we are/were doing in the Relationship Class is/was affecting the whole of Human Consciousness and maybe beyond. So, THANK YOU!”
—Jessica M., Writer, Oregon

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