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Relationship Mastery Course - Class 3

Relationship Mastery Course - Class 3
Relationship Mastery Course - Class 3
Price: $97.00

In your HeartMath work so far, you have learned how to listen coherently and with care. The other side of relationship is speaking from the heart and sharing yourself with others in a balanced, caring way. Most of us either hold back from sharing ourselves with others out of communication insecurities and fears of being judged or being taken advantage of or rejected. On the other side of the equation, some of us overshare in attempts to get attention that we should really be giving ourselves or suffer from a lack of awareness of our impact. Either side of this equation creates alienation and isolation rather than connection in relationship. In this class, you will build upon what you learned in Class No. 2 and incorporate the Higher Heart Lock-In as a process by which you can remove blame and emotional vulnerability (oversharing) from your relationships to bring growth, intimacy and heartfelt communication and connection instead.

“I want to let you know how meaningful the relationship class is to me. I’ve learned so much in HeartMastery and each time I think, 'Wow, this really is the icing on the cake,' but I’m finding the icing keeps getting yummier and yummier!

I’ve found staying in neutral, not personalizing everything and taking the significance out of things is helping tremendously. I realize that this allows me to have my own experience of the situation as well as allowing the other person to have theirs. I’m beginning to see how I’ve been dragging the past into relationships, especially the image of my old self. Using the communication tool, I’m able to be proactive and create the kinds of interactions I want with others based on intent. Brilliant!!!
With my deepest gratitude and appreciation…”
—Dawn S., Coach (retired from corporate world), Vancouver, British Columbia


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