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Heart Empowerment Program for HeartMath Coaches/Providers/Trainers

Heart Empowerment Program for HeartMath Coaches/Providers/Trainers
Heart Empowerment Program for HeartMath Coaches/Providers/Trainers
Price: $297.00 per month

The subscription payment options


Heart Empowerment Subscription Program for  Licensed HeartMath Coaches/Providers/Trainers - Unlimited Course Access for One Year, Including access to:

  • All courses and discussion groups
  • Daily Heart Start Calls
  • Weekly Members Only Call
  • Weekly Mentoring Call for licensed HeartMath Coaches, Providers or Trainers
  • 24/7 archived libraries of webinars and group-coaching calls
  • Weekly buddy talk
  • Meet a community of friends who know and hold you as the new you, the you living from the heart
  • Witness other people's growth and receive acknowledgement of your own
  • Share time with like-minded people learning and growing from the heart

$297.00 per month for one year of unlimited course access, with a $297.00 early cancellation fee.

“Finally! Something that's good for me that I actually look forward to doing!”
—J.H., Entrepeneur

“I want to thank HeartMastery for all that I have received. Without the year of reinforcement this would have sat on my shelf as “another workshop I took once and forgot about.” Instead, because I was in the yearlong Heart Empowerment Program, it has become me and I have become it. I am truly living life from my heart, a life that I love in ways I never could have dreamed!  I have benefited more from this than anything yet! I am so grateful to all those who contributed to this understanding of consciousness. Committing to the year is a must. If you could have the life you always dreamed of living, it would be worth a year to make it happen wouldn’t it? It has been beyond worth it for me, in so many ways! Thank you, HeartMastery!”
                                                                                                               —Holly J., Dance Studio Owner

Heart Empowerment® Program Subscription Agreement

Thank you for selecting HeartMastery to assist you with your growth and power to make a difference in your own life and in the world. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of your team and to have you as a part of our HeartMastery family. By subscribing to the Heart Empowerment Program (the “Heart Empowerment Program” or the “Program”), you are identified as a member of HeartMastery and a member of the Heart Empowerment Program for 12 months. You agree to the Terms of Use for the Web Site www.heartmastery.com, which are incorporated by reference, and also to the following:  

  1. Term – Twelve (12) months from date of subscription. During this term, you will receive:
  2. Right to participate in any HeartMastery class, course or webinar for which prerequisites have been met
  3. Online access to members-only HeartMastery recorded classes, courses and webinars
  4. Materials and instruction on using HeartMath tools to help you attain and sustain coherence, reduce stress and increase vitality
  5. From the date of purchase of your Heart Empowerment Program, you have 12 months of access to the streaming webinars of the Program. Upon completion of the 12-month subscription, your links become inactive
  6. Fees for the Program are $297 every month and is billable every 30 days from purchase, for 12 months. You give us permission to bill your credit or debit card monthly. If you make payment by credit or debit card, and we do not receive payment from the card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by us. Fees for services rendered herein are nonrefundable. If you terminate membership before the completion of the 12-month commitment, you will be billed in full for the month in which you terminate at either $297 to cover administrative costs. You must promptly notify us (a) of changes to the account number or expiration date of your designated card and your billing address, and (b) if your card is canceled (e.g., for loss or theft). We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your subscription and/or your use of any Program offerings without notice upon card expiration, insufficient funds, rejection of any payment or card charges or if your financial institution (or its agent or affiliate) seeks return of payments previously made to us
  7. At any time, HeartMastery has the right to refuse services and to cancel this agreement if you are found to be disruptive to the education or the experience of other participants in any way. Should this happen (and we sincerely hope it never does), fees for past services are nonrefundable
  8. The Heart Empowerment Program is not for everyone. It is specialized training for passionate people who are committed to making a difference in their own lives and in the world. We are selective about those we will work with. By entering into this legally binding agreement, you understand and agree to:
  9. Commit time, care, and energy to learning the material offered in the Heart Empowerment Program for making a difference personally and globally
  10. Apply what is learned in the Program
  11. Take full self-responsibility for desired improvements and development
  12. Approach old things in a new way
  13. Do what it takes to make your own desired changes and not hold HeartMastery, its staff, contractors or affiliates liable for the success or failure of your own progress
  14. In exchange for the extraordinary level of commitment the Heart Empowerment Program calls forth from you to realize your highest potential and contribution, HeartMastery guarantees to bring to you:
  15. High caliber training
  16. Deeply caring and insightful coaching
  17. Up-to-date research and science on heart intelligence and heart-brain communication
  18. Tools and technology intended to optimize your intelligence, well-being and power to make a difference
  19. Boundless encouragement and inspiration for new possibilities
  20. Openness to feedback about the Program and how we can improve it to better meet our members’ needs
  21. A community of like-hearted individuals with whom you can grow and learn

If we do not meet our guarantee at any time during the term of the Program, you can contact us to cancel at anytime.


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