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Monthly Expert Interviews

Monthly Expert Interviews
Monthly Expert Interviews
Price: $150.00 per month

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When you choose to master something, you want to turn to those who are experts in their fields for their insights, tips, techniques and knowledge.

At HeartMastery, it is our commitment to bring to you cutting-edge research from experts in the fields of personal growth, heart intelligence, consciousness, global change and human potential.

Each month as part of your Heart Empowerment program or through a separate subscription, there is a featured interview with researchers and personal development leaders at HeartMath and other leading institutions such as The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Transformational Leadership Council (founded by Jack Canfield), Evolutionary Leaders (founded by Deepak Chopra), The Shift Network and more.

Your HeartMastery Faciltiators Deborah Rozman, Howard Martin, and Sheva Carr interview these cutting-edge creators of a heart based world bringing your pre-emailed questions to the dialogue.

All the expert interviews are recorded and archived for streaming at your convenience for the life of your subscription.

Cost: $150/month (or FREE with your HeartEmpowerment Subscription)

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