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Monthly Private Coaching - One Hour

Monthly Private Coaching - One Hour
Monthly Private Coaching - One Hour
Price: $97.00 per month

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Achieve greater well-being, mental clarity, enhanced career or sports performance, improved health, rewarding relationships and relief from stress with a highly-skilled, experienced ally. Learn how to quickly integrate the HeartMath system, including our award-winning emWave technology, into your daily life and you will:

  • Experience a more balanced life
  • Feel better
  • Perform better
  • Reduce your stress
  • Become healthier and more resilient

Your own personal HeartMath instructor will take you through one of six courses that combine instruction and personalized coaching. Each course includes a specially designed workbook to help you identify and concentrate on the specific area in your life that needs the greatest focus. Most Providers offer their services over the phone giving you the flexibility and convenience of conducting your sessions from any location.


Private Coaching Subscription Program:

  • Monthly Private Coaching with a HeartMath licensed coach
  • Deepen your practice of your tools and your access to your heart.

1 hour $97 per month

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