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 Melinda  Dewey
HeartMath One on One Provider , Wellness Coach
This access to the heart of who i am essential,
and that lasts a lifetime.

Q:  Why did you join the HeartMastery Heart Empowerment Program?

A: I was attracted to HeartMath to help reduce stress, improve physical heart health with coherence and open up my protected heart.

Once inspired by the profound changes from the first 7 HeartMath Coherence Tools, my Heart Intelligence guided me, both personally and professionally as a licensed HeartMath Provider, to immerse myself for a year in the more advanced Coherence Tools and beyond.


Q: What did you hope to get out of the year long Heart Empowerment Program?

A: Deepen my connection to the heart of who I am for more Heart Intelligent guidance, inner security, fulfillment, richer relationships.


Q: What one thing were you hoping would change in your life or in the world?

A: Sense of separation after years of protecting my heart.


Q: What is the most valuable thing you have received from HeartMastery?

A:  Many: Connection to my deep, authentic self/heart intelligence and related inner security, deeperemotional/heart and spiritual maturity, alignment with purpose.


Q: What one question did you want to have had answered before you joined HeartMastery HeartEmpowerment?

A: Will what I learn in HeartMastery help reliably for the rest of my life or is this just another course?


Q: What answer did you receive?

A: This access to the heart of who I am is essential, and that lasts a lifetime, and beyond.


Q:Before HeartMastery, I was…

A: recovering from adrenal fatigue, experiencing some physical heart pains, seeking resources for enjoying life, health, relationships and myself more.


Q:  During HeartMastery, I am…

A:  becoming increasingly resilient, energetic, confident, fulfilled, guided from within, enjoying a deeper loving relationship with myself and a partner and more creativity and play in my life.


Q: After HeartMastery, I will be…

A: have enjoyed maintaining those gains and continually growing emotionally, mentally, creatively and in my capacity to love, care, have compassion and make a contribution to others that is energizing to me instead of draining.

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