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Quick Coherence Technique®
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The Shift to the Heart™ - Beginner Full Course

Have you ever wished you could attend a University for your own heart? Welcome to HeartMath’s version of Heart U!

Each HeartMastery course is composed of:

  • 4 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos and 1 bonus pre-recorded webinar video, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
  • The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with a 4 recorded discussion groups. Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.

Get ready to access the intelligence of your coherent heart, a "missing link" to:

  • navigating changing times with ease and resilience
  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • creating well-being and more satisfying relationships
  • fulfilling a deeper sense of purpose and contribution
  • feeling true contentment in life and sustaining your energy for what matters most

“If you’ve tried everything, studying with HeartMastery is not one more thing. It is the thing that will make everything else you’ve tried work!” —Gina E., writer, Los Angeles


Class #1: The shift to the heart! Learn how modern science confirms what ancient religions and traditions have long suggested; the heart reveals untapped potentials for human intelligence, creativity, emotional fulfillment and physical wellbeing and balance.

Class #2: Understand from a scientific perspective how you can have a positive influence on others and the world just by radiating coherent love and care.

Class #3: Learn to bring a newfound sense of personal empowerment to situations outside of you. Stressful situations, interactions with other people and your relationships will be transformed.

Class #4: Learn about the "zone" that allows you to feel smoother, less stressful and have more flow, the same flow that peak performance athletes and performers hit - this state of highly creative and effective flow is the birthright of everyone with a heart.

Bonus Class: In this class, create a map of your physiology as it relates to emotion. Come to understand how the "old survival software" of stress shows up in your body, and what you can do on the spot in any moment to transform it into greater health, well being, fulfillment, and innovation.


These 30-minute calls are offered from 8:30–9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), Monday–Friday. Also receive access to the recorded archives of the prior calls and playback numbers in case you miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break during the day!).