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Each HeartMastery virtual course is composed of:

  • 5 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
  • The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with an archive of recorded Group Coaching Calls for the course content.  With sufficient registration and live participation by the students there will be 4 live weekly calls.
  • Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.
  • 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls, Monday through Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time, is included
  • The tools in each course build upon those learned in the prior course and class sequence. Because the learning is cumulative, the participation in prior course work is a prerequisite to move on to further training. 

Shift to the Heart™ - Beginner

The 1st course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

Have you ever wished you could attend a University for your own heart? Welcome to HeartMath’s version of Heart U!

Get ready to access the intelligence of your coherent heart, a "missing link" to:

  • navigating changing times with ease and resilience
  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • creating well-being and more satisfying relationships
  • fulfilling a deeper sense of purpose and contribution
  • feeling true contentment in life and sustaining your energy for what matters most


The 2nd course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

In the beginning Shift to the Heart Course, you learned effective ways to recover from and prevent unnecessary stress to develop more resilience. The Intermediate Course material moves to the next level in empowering you to proactively live from the heart to create and empower your life.

This class takes everything you’ve learned in the Shift to the Heart Course and turns it into a fun and simple practice you can do in 10-15 minutes each day. You’ll discover how to bring your newfound power and strength to your home, workplace, families, colleagues and the world! Learn to proactively create a heart-filled environment and experience increasing vitality and passion every day!



The 3rd course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

In the Advanced Course, discover the common thread between what stresses you out the most and what matters to you most, and how you can leverage that to bring the spark of spirit and heart purpose into your life and the world.

In this course you will learn to access and radiate what HeartMath founder Doc Childre calls one of the highest frequencies in the universe, to hold a light up for yourself and the world even in the darkest situations.

In the bonus webinar join HeartMath Director of Research, Dr. Rollin McCraty and hear about a fascinating study, which reveals that the heart is accessing the quantum field to receive information before an event actually occurs. With practical intuition and heart pre-cognition powered by the Point 0 technique and love, you will be unstoppable in unfolding the adventure of your heart’s purpose. Becoming more aware of, aligning with, healing the blockages, and actualizing your heart's intent are learnable skills you will practice in Advanced Class #4, with a technique called "Heart Hologramming™." Passion powered by compassion will buoy the best in you with inner confidence to make a difference in your own life and in the world throughout the advanced class. We hope you can join us!


Heart Blueprints

The 4th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

The heart is the first organ to form in the fetus. The same way an acorn has all the information blueprinted within it to become an oak tree, your heart, as the seed of who you are, has the blueprint within it for your full potential to flourish. Not all acorns become fully grown oak trees, and not all human beings live to their full potential. But you CAN live to into your full potential for personal fulfillment and global contribution, by learning to unfold your heart's blueprint and remove the obstacles that could pull you off track.

This course will deeply connect you to the fact that there is a fulfillment blueprint for you, and it will teach you how to follow the signals of your heart’s GPS to experience it. You will also identify and learn to cut through the standard obstacles and detours that pull most people off course from their fulfillment blueprints, so you can stay on track to fulfillment and the fruition of your unique heart's purpose!


Graduate Level Tools 1

The 5th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

There is a field of energy that unites us all. When we radiate ease, peace, care and love from our hearts, we feed the field and can be fed by the field. If the “verse” in “universe” were true music, each of us as individuals would either be in pitch with the one song or stand out by dissonantly singing off-key. In this course, you will learn how to maintain your pitch to resonate with universal frequencies that nourish you and empower you to nourish the whole.

The function of the physical heart is brilliant in the way it is able to take care of itself while also caring for the whole — giving while receiving. When the heart contracts, it feeds the whole body; when it expands, it feeds and fuels itself. If any phase of this pulsing rhythm is interrupted, the whole system dies.

At this stage of development in the HeartMath skill set, you are ready to step into the HeartMastery of greater caring for yourself as well as extending your care globally with “mission alignment” — feeding the field while being fed by the energetic field of love. The result? A personal and global adventure where your needs are met more effortlessly through magnetic draw rather than drive! As well as a context where you help meet the needs of others in satisfying and surprising ways, without effort or force, but through the integrity and dignity of your mission alignment.


Graduate Level Tools 2

The 6th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

In Graduate Course Level 2, we uncover more ways to get “ahead of the game” and co-create optimal potentials with heart to draw more fulfillment. Put your imagination to work to co-create optimal futures with spirit. In this course you will learn to see the energetic part you are playing that keep drawing experiences to you and how to take charge of what you are creating by re-gridding thoughts and feelings that aren’t aligned with your Higher Self. You will learn how to co-create with your spirit more honest heart-connected communication and more fulfilling relationships. You can then attract more experiences that make life a fun adventure! Finally, you will learn how to take responsibility for your own pitch and the collective pitch with the Heart Holodome Lock-In tool and the Global Coherence Initiative to co-create more positive futures for the planet!


Relationship Mastery 1

The 7th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

When we did research with prospective clients before launching HeartMastery, we found that the No. 1 desire of our clients was happier, lasting, fulfilling relationships and that primary relationships were also among the top three stressors our clients were struggling with! More than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Statistics show that social isolation is a bigger risk factor for disease than any of the other heavy hitters, including smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We need connection with others, and in order to connect with others in satisfying and meaningful ways, we need to be deeply connected to ourselves. Now that you have devoted at least five months to HeartMastery in reconnecting with your own heart, you are ready for the crown jewel of the heart’s capacities — the ability to love and relate with “another.” This class teaches you how to take all the skills and coherence muscle you have been developing and extend your heart to others without losing your own balance, in ways that will create lasting joy for all. You’ll tap into that wonder and exhilaration in your relationships that most songs and movies and great art can only point to.


Relationship Mastery 2

The 8th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

Building on what was learned in the Relationship Mastery 1 course, in Relationship Mastery 2 you will now begin to master and harness the remarkable energy and power of the Third Force in relationships, to more fully manifest your heart’s purpose. In Relationship Mastery 2 you will be empowered with new skills to transform blockages to the manifestation of the Third Force so you can experience the rich well of fulfillment from relationship that has given birth to phrases like “Wherever two or more are gathered,” “Two heads are better than one” and “Two hearts that beat as one.” You will complete your Relationship Mastery course series recognizing all relationships produce a context for the core relationship- you with your own heart- to grow and evolve!


Living From the Heart

The 9th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

This course is experiential, consisting of four 90-minute live telephone classes and no videos.

This class will be a completely new experience, different from all of your other previous HeartMastery classes. There is no online component and no set curriculum (you design your own!). Over the course of the class, you will walk across a bridge from being taught how to live from the heart to listening to the teacher within your own heart as you lead your life. This class is designed to take everything you have learned about heart empowerment and help you translate it into an even more fulfilling heart based life. By the end of the class, the goal is to be living from the heart and following your heart's blueprint a higher ratio of the time.

If you are not already working with a private coach through the HeartMastery program, you can add two half-hour private coaching calls with a licensed HeartMath provider every other week for an additional fee by contacting [email protected]



Daily HeartStart Calls

These 30-minute calls are offered from 8:30–9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Monday–Friday.

Those with monthly* renewing subscriptions to these calls will also receive access to a vast online archive of prior recorded calls and playback numbers in case they miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break any time during the day or evening!).

What if you started every day knowing you would:

Those with monthly* renewing subscriptions to these calls will also receive access to a vast online archive of prior recorded calls and playback numbers in case they miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break any time during the day or evening!).

What if you started every day knowing you would:

  • Transform overwhelm, anxiety, depression and despair
  • Strengthen your immune system against the collective stress virus
  • Ease through the challenges of the day
  • Accomplish what is most important for you
  • Listen to and follow your heart’s directives
  • Live your purpose without procrastination or doubt?

And if that weren’t enough, how about knowing you would:

  • Feel more connected to people you love and to a broader community of support
  • Be delightfully surprised by fun and fulfillment in your interactions with other people
  • Feel empowered to truly make a difference in your own life, your relationships and the world?

What if you had something better than coffee to wake up to?:

  • Welcome to starting your day with the heart!

Clear mental and emotional clutter to create more ease, intuitive guidance and true creativity as you plan each day. During these morning calls, the idea of “feelings as your compass” and the saying “follow your heart” truly come to life, leading you to greater and greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure. You've heard the phrase, "Two heads are better than one?" Well, a heart and a head aligned to start your day is even better!


Weekly Mentoring Calls

Mentoring Calls for HeartMath Professionals Only (HeartMath Providers, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers and Clinicians).

These exclusive weekly Mentoring Calls include:

  • Weekly 60 minute tele-class sessions
  • An open forum with our team of experts for you to ask questions and share wih other providers about any aspect of your HeartMath personal and professional work.
  • An archive of recorded sessions so that you can listen to any session you miss and a 7-year archive of recorded calls.

The sessions will include topics such as:

  • Building your business andacquiring more clients in a heart centered way
  • Creating a strong brand
  • Best practices for structuring your coaching business
  • Handling challenges with clients
  • Success stories
  • Persona challenges aplying the tools in your life
  • Q & A about HeartMath science
  • Other useful and relevant topics