About Us

HeartMastery, a division of HeartMath Inc., is dedicated to empowering people through the intelligence of their hearts in order to better navigate these changing times. HeartMastery programs and products enable people to live more rewarding, healthy and productive lives personally, professionally and in benefit to the world.

HeartMastery was created by combining HeartMath’s scientifically validated techniques, methods and technology with the program development, teaching and marketing expertise of Fyera!, a company licensed by HeartMath LLC and owned and operated by Sheva Carr.

HeartMastery courses and services give people the opportunity to learn through online delivery formats combined with live teleclasses and personal coaching. Participants learn at their own pace, have the convenience of taking classes at times appropriate for them and become part of a community dedicated to personal growth and empowering heart based living to help create a new and better world.

Our comprehensive learning platform consists of:

  • Live and downloadable webinars
  • Live teleconference classes
  • Archive of prerecorded interactive group sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • Biomedical testing
  • Interactive stress relief technologies

We strive to provide the highest quality of training and customer experience. Our mission, born from care, is to give people the tools they need to access the power of their own hearts – that place inside all of us that is our most reliable guide for making decisions big and small, the source of positive emotions that regenerate us, the access point for more intuition and the core of our authenticity, self-security, and blueprint for larger purpose and contribution.

About HeartMath
HeartMath Inc. and sister nonprofit, the HeartMath Institute, have received global recognition for their groundbreaking research, training programs and technology proven to improve wellness, increase productivity and enhance quality of life. Their programs have been delivered to nationally recognized health care institutions, Fortune 100 companies, hospitals and government agencies, thousands of health professionals and hundreds of thousands of individuals on four continents since 1991.

As facilitators we are honored to play the role of merely pointing to the true teacher of HeartMastery and your true teacher in life: your own heart.

Fun Facts about Your Heart

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