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HeartMastery is an online/tele-training program validated by cutting-edge heart/brain science which:

  • Introduces you to the power, intelligence, and potential within your own heart
  • Empowers you to lead a life you truly love
  • Supports you to live life from inner-knowing, genuine care and purpose
  • Gives you a step by step process and community in which to create a heart-based world


“People have, for centuries, talked about and told others to "follow your heart." Why? Because people instinctively know that their heart’s intuition yields the highest outcome

Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath, as written in his article Heart-Based Living


The foundation of HeartMastery rests on learning heart empowerment tools developed by Doc Childre, the founder of HeartMath. Doc anticipated the increasing stress of current times and the opportunity to awaken to the power and intelligence of the heart to guide us through the global shift now taking place.


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