HeartMath's HeartMastery Heart Blueprints Course

Includes 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls!

PREREQUISITE COURSES: HeartMastery Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses (or equivalent HeartMath trainings). Questions? Contact: [email protected]

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The 4th course in the HeartMastery 9-course series.

The heart is the first organ to form in the fetus. The same way an acorn has all the information blueprinted within it to become an oak tree, your heart, as the seed of who you are, has the blueprint within it for your full potential to flourish. Not all acorns become fully grown oak trees, and not all human beings live to their full potential. But you CAN live to into your full potential for personal fulfillment and global contribution, by learning to unfold your heart's blueprint and remove the obstacles that could pull you off track.

This course will deeply connect you to the fact that there is a fulfillment blueprint for you, and it will teach you how to follow the signals of your heart’s GPS to experience it. You will also identify and learn to cut through the standard obstacles and detours that pull most people off course from their fulfillment blueprints, so you can stay on track to fulfillment and the fruition of your unique heart's purpose!


Each HeartMastery virtual course is composed of:
  • 5 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
  • The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with an archive of recorded Group Coaching Calls on the course content.
  • Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.
  • Optional 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls, live and recorded are included. (Live calls are Monday through Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time.)
  • The tools in each course build upon those learned in the prior course and class sequence. Because the learning is cumulative participation in prior course work is a prerequisite to move on to further training.



HEART BLUEPRINTS CLASS  #1— Understanding Your Heart Blueprint

What is success? Did it ever occur to you that your heart might have a different definition for success? You might discover that where you thought you were failing, you were actually being guided to lay the foundation of success from your heart's point of view. How can you discover your heart's definition of success and live into that? Welcome to Heart Blueprints Class #1!

Every person has a blueprinted map for fulfillment inside their own heart.

Many people mistake the idea of fulfillment for a career path, finding the "right spouse," or the "right" place to live. But your heart’s blueprint unfolds on the inside as you follow your heart. In this class you will learn how to define and meet the critical hinge points to follow your heart's definition of success and find true, lasting genuine fulfillment in your life.

HEART BLUEPRINTS CLASS #2—Cut-Thru to Unfold Your Fulfillment Blueprint

This class helps you further the adventure you had in the Advanced Course in which you differentiated desire traps from true heart's desires. You will learn how to overcome approval seeking, jealousy, comparisons with others, false agendas, self-righteousness and insecurity as roadblocks to the unfolding of your heart's blueprint. You will identify where these and other roadblocks are hidden energy drains, and transform them to open up brand new possibilities full of life, vitality, spirit and power in your journey.

The hope and promise for humanity, as we go through this planetary shift in consciousness, is that wecan transform our self-limiting patterns and move into manifesting new possibilities both personally and globally. It’s already been proven that this can be done through the power and intelligence of the heart. With the Cut-Thru technique, you don’t need to sort through all the details of your past. You simply address the perceptions, feelings, and thoughts that come up while you are using the technique. Sometimes that can even allow you to see your past with new eyes.

In this class, you will gain the wisdom that every spiritual warrior seeks: direct knowledge of the unconscious motivating forces within you that are attracting repeating patterns that do not serve you, and the power and intelligence to transform and re-grid repeating patterns to create your true fulfillment blueprint from the heart.

HEART BLUEPRINTS BONUS CLASS - "Oops, No Big Deal - Take the Significance Out"

Learn how not to make a big deal out of cellular patterns and conditioning that keep creating mechanical reactions and judgments toward yourself or others. When you find yourself emotionally identified or adding drama to something, you will learn how to really feel as if it is no big deal, take out feeling “bad” about it, and reassign that emotional energy to your heart empowerment process.

HEART BLUEPRINTS  CLASS #3–Cut-Thru to Your Authentic Self

Where are insecurities stopping you from unfolding your fulfillment in life? Your authentic self is a source of inner security. In this class you will gain skills and personal power to overcome the insecurities that can obstruct your authentic self-expression. Your “authentic self” can be accessed by tapping into the core values of your heart. You can reinvest the energy that has been assigned to a false identity or insecurity into an expression of who you really are at heart. Self-reinforcing patterns in the brain can cause us to identify with a pattern of behavior or thinking as “self.” Imagine how limiting it is to think, “I am just this way.” After this class, you won't have to! New dimensions of self beyond previous limitations can open up for you in HeartBlueprints Class #3.


Every choice we make affects the energetic field of consciousness. Making choices from the intelligence of the heart gives us a new ability to co-create and affect positive changes in the field. While co-creation takes on different forms for different people, this is the essence of every person's true heart's purpose or "mission". Genuine energy sent out to "mission" brings one of the highest returns on investment, because “mission” covers the mission of your own empowerment and genuine care for the empowerment of others.

In HeartBlueprints class #4 you will gain the capacity to listen to your heart's unique mission, and to become aware of and transform the energy trapped in things that block or drain energy from your mission, like insecurity, self-doubt, comparisons with others, self-righteousness, and so on. You can free this energy to be available to invest in your Life Mission so you can have even more effective impact in your life, in the world, and in the energetic field of consciousness itself.


These 30-minute calls are offered from 8:30–9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), Monday–Friday. Also receive access to the recorded archives of the prior calls and playback numbers in case you miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break during the day!).

What if you started every day knowing you could:

  • Transform overwhelm, anxiety, depression and despair
  • Strengthen your immune system against the collective stress virus
  • Ease through the challenges of the day
  • Accomplish what is most important for you
  • Listen to and follow your heart’s directives
  • Live your purpose without procrastination or doubt?

And if that weren’t enough, how about knowing you would:

  • Feel more connected to people you love and to a broader community of support
  • Be delightfully surprised by fun and fulfillment in your interactions with other people
  • Feel empowered to truly make a difference in your own life, your relationships and the world?

What if you had something better than coffee to wake up to?:

  • Welcome to starting your day with the heart!
  • Clear mental and emotional clutter to create more ease, intuitive guidance and true creativity as you plan each day. During these morning calls, the idea of “feelings as your compass” and the saying “follow your heart” truly come to life, leading you to greater and greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure.
  • You've heard the phrase, "Two heads are better than one?" Well, a heart and a head aligned to start your day is even better!

Your webinar trainers:
Deborah Rozman, CEO HeartMath, co-author of Transforming Stress.
Howard Martin, EVP HeartMath, co-author The HeartMath Solution
Sheva Carr, CEO HeartMastery