The HeartMastery Relationship Mastery 1 Course

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PREREQUISITE COURSES: HeartMastery Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Heart Blueprints, Graduate Level Tools 1 and Graduate Level Tools 2 Courses.

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The 7th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

When we did research with prospective clients before launching HeartMastery, we found that the number one desire of our clients was happier, lasting, fulfilling relationships and that primary relationships were also among the top three stressors our clients were struggling with! More than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Statistics show that social isolation is a bigger risk factor for disease than any of the other heavy hitters, including smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

We need connection with others, and in order to connect with others in satisfying and meaningful ways, we need to be deeply connected to ourselves. Now that you have devoted at least five months to HeartMastery in reconnecting with your own heart, you are ready for the crown jewel of the heart’s capacities — the ability to love and relate with “another.”

This class teaches you how to take all the skills and coherence muscle you have been developing and extend your heart to others without losing your own balance, in ways that will create lasting joy for all. You’ll tap into that wonder and exhilaration in your relationships that most songs and movies and great art can only point to.

Welcome to the Relationship Mastery 1 Course!

Each HeartMastery virtual course is composed of:
  • 5 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
  • The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with an archive of recorded Group Coaching Calls on the course content.
  • Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.
  • Optional 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls, live and recorded are included. (Live calls are Monday through Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time.)
  • The tools in each course build upon those learned in the prior course and class sequence. Because the learning is cumulative participation in prior course work is a prerequisite to move on to further training.


RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 1  - CLASS  #1 - The Relationship Formula

What is working in your relationships? What is not working? What are the patterns you perceive to be holding you back from what you want in your relations with others? In this class, you will learn how to cross that chasm and deal with past hurts, old repeating patterns and past perceived failures, so that you can free your attention to move forward and create the next and more fulfilling adventure in your relationships. Ultimately, what do you want in a relationship? This class will start you on the path to creating it with the Relationship Formula: a basic structure of HeartMath tools put together to guarantee to create more fulfillment in any relationship to which it is applied.

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the HeartMastery Relationship Class!!! It was so ‘heartful.’ I was able to go deeper into understanding myself and my relationship(s). This information is tremendously valuable and will allow me to access deeper and more fulfilling levels of relationship that I haven’t experienced before. With excitement and joy, I anticipate and look forward to growing even more in all my relationships. Thank you, thank you! This is what we should be learning in all our public schools!”
—Sharon Lanier Porter, Bookstore Owner, Austin TX

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 1 - BONUS CLASS -  The Circles of Relationship 

Learn about the Circles of Relationship — a tool that will help you answer the following questions: How do I know whom to let into my inner circle and where to draw my boundaries? How do I create healthy boundaries from the heart, without feeling guilty? How do I stop the overcare and co-dependant caretaking that keeps me in relationship dynamics that do not work? How do I stay coherent in challenging relationships?

"The relationship I focused on in class is the one with my 18-year old stepson. He will be going to college in a month, and I really wanted to change my relationship to him before he leaves. Currently, he spends every other week at our house, but I hardly see him. He has vacation, so he sleeps in, and in the evenings, he hangs out with his friends. So we pretty much pass each other in the hallway and share the ‘how are you?’ basics, but that is about it. So, when I focused on wanting to improve the connection with him, my heart-map brought up to bring more care into the brief interactions that we do have. (Also in the ones in which I ask him to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc.) It just so happened (!) that that same evening we ended up in the kitchen together. Accessing care, I asked him about his upcoming move, how he was feeling about it, etc. We actually had a conversation that went deeper and lasted longer than we have had in a while. Most importantly, I told him I was going to miss him, and he even said he would be missing us (that, for an 18-year old boy/man is quite a vulnerability!). It was so cool! Additionally, having accessed this same care/connection/nurturing/sharing feeling that I experience in my fulfilling relationships, then spilled over to my relationship with my husband. As we know, a change of heart changes everything…Words do not adequately express my gratitude…But I offer them as my deepest thank you for bringing this joy to the most important part of my life."
—Mary Miller, Speaker and Account Exec, Northern California

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 1 - CLASS #2 -  Marriage of your Inner Male and Female 

In this class, you will learn:

  1. The difference between the “higher heart” and the “lower heart” and how to recognize where lower-heart interactions are compromising your relationships. You will be able to identify higher-heart replacement attitudes that can raise your relationships — and your own quality of life — to a whole new level of contentment, ease and passion.
  2. How to marry your inner intuition with your outer actions in order to create a better relationship between your own head and heart, and as a result establish better relationships with others.

“I chose my Sister as the relationship I chose to work on in the Relationship Course. I said that I had to keep her on the outer edge of my circles because we have never gotten along well. I recently needed to communicate with her about a family matter, expecting the same old her. No way! I am seeing another incarnation of my Sister. She NEVER treated me this well before.

Quite to my surprise, she responded by writing to me about me in a very respectful and loving way: ‘As I read your words, my heart feels full and flowing out toward you in such a delightful way. Thank you, Jessica…our newfound correspondence is precious to me — I want to tell you from the deepest part of me that I appreciate you and all of your efforts to discover things and to be a catalyst for reform on many fronts. I’ll admit to you that I have not always been ready to embrace all that you have been interested in and concerned about. But I say to you, Dear Sister, you are amazing, and you are a beautiful being and I have tremendous respect for all of your exploration and stepping out way ahead of the curve. I love you deeply, and I appreciate you.’

Those are words that I NEVER(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thought I would hear from my Sister! This is a MIRACLE!! And in my mind, it proves that what we are/were doing in the Relationship Class is/was affecting the whole of Human Consciousness and maybe beyond. So, THANK YOU!”
—Jessica M., Writer, Oregon

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 1 -  CLASS #3 - Higher Heart Communication

In your HeartMath work so far, you have learned how to listen coherently and with care. The other side of relationship is speaking from the heart and sharing yourself with others in a balanced, caring way. Most of us either hold back from sharing ourselves with others out of communication insecurities and fears of being judged or being taken advantage of or rejected. On the other side of the equation, some of us overshare in attempts to get attention that we should really be giving ourselves or suffer from a lack of awareness of our impact. Either side of this equation creates alienation and isolation rather than connection in relationship. In this class, you will build upon what you learned in Class No. 2 and incorporate the Higher Heart Lock-In as a process by which you can remove blame and emotional vulnerability (oversharing) from your relationships to bring growth, intimacy and heartfelt communication and connection instead.

“I want to let you know how meaningful the relationship class is to me. I’ve learned so much in HeartMastery and each time I think, 'Wow, this really is the icing on the cake,' but I’m finding the icing keeps getting yummier and yummier!

I’ve found staying in neutral, not personalizing everything and taking the significance out of things is helping tremendously. I realize that this allows me to have my own experience of the situation as well as allowing the other person to have theirs. I’m beginning to see how I’ve been dragging the past into relationships, especially the image of my old self. Using the communication tool, I’m able to be proactive and create the kinds of interactions I want with others based on intent. Brilliant!!!
With my deepest gratitude and appreciation…”

—Dawn S., Coach (retired from corporate world), Vancouver, British Columbia

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 1 -  CLASS #4 - Creating a Vision

Expectation leading to disappointment is one of the most destructive and painful dynamics in our relationships. In this class, you will learn how to create a heart vision for your relationship to replace the negative pattern of expectation. Imagine what would happen to your relationships if you did not get caught in the mental trap of expectation, agenda and role-playing that leaves you feeling empty and unsatisfied — exhausting you and others as you compare and contrast with made-up images in your mind. You would then be free to discover people as they really are! This is when the magic of relationship comes alive. You will discover what the "bicycle” of relationship is and how to keep it upright by pedaling — even when it seems the other person is not. You will learn how to appreciate the other person’s growth and the growth they bring to you. Each of these steps will liberate you from taking the behavior of others personally. This is to learn to live in the facilitation that relationships can offer us all for our evolution as human beings. You will learn how to become a still clear pool reflecting the highest potential in others rather than projecting your story onto them. In doing that, you will come into the sweet spot of relating where the highest blueprinted expression of any individual relationship can reveal itself to you. Through the adventure of true care and appreciation, relationships can lead to empowerment, freedom and joy that will leave you, and those you love, coming back for more!


These 30-minute calls are offered from 8:30–9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), Monday–Friday. Also receive access to the recorded archives of the prior calls and playback numbers in case you miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break during the day!).

What if you started every day knowing you could:

  • Transform overwhelm, anxiety, depression and despair
  • Strengthen your immune system against the collective stress virus
  • Ease through the challenges of the day
  • Accomplish what is most important for you
  • Listen to and follow your heart’s directives
  • Live your purpose without procrastination or doubt?

And if that weren’t enough, how about knowing you would:

  • Feel more connected to people you love and to a broader community of support
  • Be delightfully surprised by fun and fulfillment in your interactions with other people
  • Feel empowered to truly make a difference in your own life, your relationships and the world?

What if you had something better than coffee to wake up to?:

  • Welcome to starting your day with the heart!
  • Clear mental and emotional clutter to create more ease, intuitive guidance and true creativity as you plan each day. During these morning calls, the idea of “feelings as your compass” and the saying “follow your heart” truly come to life, leading you to greater and greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure.
  • You've heard the phrase, "Two heads are better than one?" Well, a heart and a head aligned to start your day is even better!

Your webinar trainers:
Deborah Rozman, CEO HeartMath, co-author of Transforming Stress.
Howard Martin, EVP HeartMath, co-author The HeartMath Solution
Sheva Carr, CEO HeartMastery