HeartMath’s HeartMastery Relationship 2 Course

Includes 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls!

PREREQUISITE COURSES: HeartMastery Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Heart Blueprints, Graduate Level Tools 1, Graduate Level Tools 2 and Relationship 1 Courses.

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The 8th course in the HeartMastery nine course series.

Building on what was learned in the Relationship Mastery 1 course, in Relationship Mastery 2 you will now begin to master and harness the remarkable energy and power of the Third Force in relationships, to more fully manifest your heart’s purpose.

In Relationship Mastery 2 you will be empowered with new skills to transform blockages to the manifestation of the Third Force so you can experience the rich well of fulfillment from relationship that has given birth to phrases like “Wherever two or more are gathered,” “Two heads are better than one” and “Two hearts that beat as one.”

You will complete your Relationship Mastery course series recognizing all relationships produce a context for the core relationship- you with your own heart- to grow and evolve!

Welcome to the Relationship Mastery 2 Course!

Each HeartMastery virtual course is composed of:
  • 5 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
  • The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with an archive of recorded Group Coaching Calls on the course content.
  • Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.
  • Optional 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls, live and recorded are included. (Live calls are Monday through Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time.)
  • The tools in each course build upon those learned in the prior course and class sequence. Because the learning is cumulative participation in prior course work is a prerequisite to move on to further training.



Would you like to be true to your authentic self as an individual and cultivate connection at the same time?  That is Relationship Mastery!  Learn about the Third Force and how to access this unique potency and strength that comes from a synergy created by more than just the sum of the parts: 1+1=3.  The Third Force releases energy for co-creation as well as pooling a reservoir of energy to draw on in times of need.

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 2 -  CLASS #2 -  True Care and Overcare in Relationships

Relationships are fertile soil for seeds of true care and co-creation, but also for weeds of overcare and insecurities. Sometimes a relationship can feed each person’s insecurities and overcares in co-dependency.  Learn more about how overcare blocks synergy in relationships and how to deepen into true care with the use of helpful tools for clearing those blocks.  Learn how to overcome overcare so that you can stay both individuated self-empowered and connected in relationship (true care) to create the Third Force that is greater than the sum of individual parts.

RELATIONSHIP MASTERY 2 - CLASS #3 -  Turning Power Struggles into Empowerment 

Would you like to learn the secret to ending power struggles?  Trade power struggles in for empowerment, by learning a potent formula for accessing mutual core values and common ground, to produce Third Force synergy even in the face of conflict and disagreement. Just as broken bones heal stronger at the break, where there have been power struggles you and the connections you have can be strengthened by the untransformed opportunity for empowerment possible there.


We all know that forgiveness is good for you- the question is:  how do we access true forgiveness in our feeling world rather than knowing we “should” forgive or “trying” to forgive but still having hurt and resentment? Learn to create what is optimal instead of defaulting to what is familiar, so you drive your relationships by looking through the windshield forward rather than focusing in the rear view mirror bound by the past.  As part of empowering the release of the past and creating optimal futures, learn the keys to finding the genuine heart frequency of forgiveness.


Learn what and whom to trust in relationship, based on all that you have learned in your Relationship Mastery 1 Course.  Ultimately, all relationships are mirrors of our relationship with our own heart: our capacity to hear our heart, trust what we hear, and act on it. In this class you will refine your discernment between pulls that seem to masquerade as heart-reads, which produce disappointing outcomes and leave you mistrusting your own heart, vs. genuine heart intuition.

Looking at places where you may feel your heart has let you down in the past, this class will help you discover the growth in those experiences and mend the foundation of all true trust- your relationship with your own heart. In so doing, you will complete your Relationship Mastery course series recognizing all relationships produce a context for your core relationship- you with your own heart- to grow and evolve!

Congratulations! Having completed the full core curriculum of HeartMastery you are ready to jump into the Living from Your Heart Course to apply all you have learned so far and prepare for your Electives Series Courses! We look forward to playing and growing with you in Living from the Heart!


These 30-minute calls are offered from 8:30–9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), Monday–Friday. Also receive access to the recorded archives of the prior calls and playback numbers in case you miss any of the live classes (or would like a "better-than-coffee" coffee break during the day!).

What if you started every day knowing you could:

  • Transform overwhelm, anxiety, depression and despair
  • Strengthen your immune system against the collective stress virus
  • Ease through the challenges of the day
  • Accomplish what is most important for you
  • Listen to and follow your heart’s directives
  • Live your purpose without procrastination or doubt?

And if that weren’t enough, how about knowing you would:

  • Feel more connected to people you love and to a broader community of support
  • Be delightfully surprised by fun and fulfillment in your interactions with other people
  • Feel empowered to truly make a difference in your own life, your relationships and the world?

What if you had something better than coffee to wake up to?:

  • Welcome to starting your day with the heart!
  • Clear mental and emotional clutter to create more ease, intuitive guidance and true creativity as you plan each day. During these morning calls, the idea of “feelings as your compass” and the saying “follow your heart” truly come to life, leading you to greater and greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure.
  • You've heard the phrase, "Two heads are better than one?" Well, a heart and a head aligned to start your day is even better!

Your webinar trainers:
Deborah Rozman, CEO HeartMath, co-author of Transforming Stress.
Howard Martin, EVP HeartMath, co-author The HeartMath Solution
Sheva Carr, CEO HeartMastery