Susan Hanks Marscellas
Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

...when I was finally able to talk with my husband and be heard!


Q: Why did you join the HeartMastery Heart Empowerment Program?
A: I needed to lose weight and maintain my weight loss. But even more than that I needed a life raft in the open ocean of my hurricane of relationships. I love the deep work that applies to my daily life, and that helps me transform my challenges into opportunities. I loved learning from Sheva, she takes me places I have never been inside and it is all to help me...It is awesome!

Q: What did you hope to get out of the year long Heart Empowerment Program?
A: I wanted to learn how we process information, so I could stop taking things so personally and emotionally. I wanted to understand how emotions and stress work together and affect my body, so I would be empowered to STOP the negative cycle.

Q: What one thing were you hoping would change in your life or in the world?
A: Reactivity. Plain and simple. I wanted to stop feeling like everyone was using me and walking all over me. I no longer feel like a victim!

Q: What is the most valuable thing you have received from HeartMastery?
A: The roundtable talks, the one on one coaching, and the richness of the material we cover.

Q: What one question did you want to have had answered before you joined HeartMastery HeartEmpowerment?
A: How will it change my life?

Q: What answer did you receive?
A: It is me who can change my life, not some program or someone else- I just needed tools to access the power to do that! Tools to access my heart! HeartMastery gave me those tools!

Before HeartMastery, I was…
less grounded, unhappy in my marriage, at work, everywhere.

During HeartMastery, I am…
more grounded, happier, have tools to understand and deal with stress and communicate with others better.

After HeartMastery, I will…
become a HeartMath trainer because I like it so much- yes it helped change my life so much, I want to help others change their lives with it too!

My Story

I know in my heart that it is because of the HeartMath tools and using the emWave that I was able to lose 75 lbs. Before HeartMath, I had yoyo-ed in my weight, but the most I had ever lost was 15 pounds and then gained it back. Now, it has been more than 18 months since I started and I have no problem keeping the weight off.

When I decided to take my weight loss really seriously was the day I started practicing HeartMath tools. Before HeartMath, food was what I used as my comfort. Food was always available, was quiet, and did not talk back. When I felt emotionally upset, I would not limit myself in what I ate. And food is socially acceptable. Even other people use it to comfort you and nurture you.

I started to use the HeartMath tools when I felt stress instead of food, which gave me power and freedom inside the gap between cause and effect, between eating and blindly reacting. When I tried to lose weight before HeartMath, I thought the mountain was too high to climb, I thought, “I cannot do this.” With HeartMath, I could take it one moment at a time, and the tools gave me the winning recipe to feel like I COULD do it. Using the emWave finally gave me the power to say to myself that this excess food is not good for me, I don’t want it. It gave me a security where I could say to myself, “I can do this”.

I took it one craving at a time, day in and day out. As silly as it sounds, every time I zip up my pants or get down to a smaller size, I use one of my HeartMath skills of appreciation, and I appreciate where I am, what I did, who I am now, how 10

I feel, what people say, the size and the clothes. I can now wear, and I just keep feeling appreciation of those things.

HeartMath taught me that appreciation is self love and care and it’s healthy for me. All the time, every moment, there are opportunities to incorporate what I learned from HeartMath in to my day to day life.

Now I feel so free. I have a new life. I like myself better, I feel free from the trap of a heavy body. Society is tough on you anyway-- you cannot be too thin. So to be successful in weight loss, I needed to find a place inside me that loved me in the face of all the judgments that were around me. HeartMath and the emWave gave me that.

It’s known that 98% of people who lose weight do not keep the weight off. I think that’s because they don’t do the psychological and emotional part of it too. For me, having HeartMath and the emWave for the psychological component has been the key to my lasting weight loss success. I really should say thank you HeartMath for the help to get a new life, I am so much happier.”

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