Karl Johnson
CEO and co-manager of The Beyond Fire Institute and Beyond Fire LLC (

I wanted some fun, and some love!
I wanted wonder and magic back in my life!
HeartMastery gave me that in spades!


Q: Why did you join the HeartMastery Heart Empowerment Program?
A: So I could get out of my head and my things to do list, and into my heart.

Q: What did you hope to get out of the year long Heart Empowerment Program?
A: More coherence, better job performance and effectiveness, more fun and more joy in my heart and feelings instead of a things to do list done from my head.

Q: What one thing were you hoping would change in your life or in the world?
A: I wanted a fulfilling relationship.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you have received from HeartMastery?
A: A deeper relationship with myself, which then empowered me to step out and share that with others (and has attracted the partnership I always wanted in my life).

Q: What one question did you want to have had answered before you joined HeartMastery HeartEmpowerment?
A: Are you sure this is going to help?

Q: What answer did you receive?
A: You need to try it to find out! It helps if you do it, no one else can do it for you. But when you do it, it works!

Before HeartMastery, I was…
I was more involved with my things to do list, than HOW I was doing it.

During HeartMastery, I am…
I am present and appreciative in the moment, while I do my things to do list.

After HeartMastery, I will be…
for me there is no after HeartMastery. I was HeartMastery’s first member, and I plan on staying for life!

Am I right for HeartMastery? Is HeartMastery right for me?
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