Chrissy Stamm
Doctor of Chiropratic Medicine, Founder and Owner of Balance in Motion Health/Dance Center

Until my change of heart changed everything!


Q: Why did you join the HeartMastery Heart Empowerment Program?
A: I was overwhelmed running a new business – I had no time or space for me and all my time was devoted to serving others. But I felt I had nothing left to give! I wanted a context to connect deeper with my own heart so that I could connect more deeply with my patients, my husband, and my own joy!

Q: What did you hope to get out of the year long Heart Empowerment Program?
A: Belonging to a community of like hearted people dedicated to growth and renewal. Tangible tools to help me care for myself while I was so busy taking care of others.

Q: What one thing were you hoping would change in your life or in the world?
A: I hoped I would become more flexible, more able to flow with life and not fight against it. I was really hoping to be free of the fear that had haunted me since childhood and that I had sought help for in many contexts.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you have received from HeartMastery?
A: I GOT EVERYTHING I WANTED! I RECEIVED EVERYTHING ABOVE! I also received a new awareness of my body and my heart, and a new relationship to my heart that has opened up a new relationship to the world around me and brought forth abundance in ways I could not have dreamed of before. I also learned to be present with my fear, so that I could make choices for myself rather than giving my power away to my fear. Now, when my husband travels, I am not afraid to go to sleep at night alone without him here. Freedom from my fear is the most valuable thing I have received.

Before HeartMastery, I was…
trying to find someone to tell me the answers.

During HeartMastery, I am…
Asking my heart and myself- my inner wisdom- for advice. I am going within to find answers instead of looking outside myself (which is so much better)!

After HeartMastery, I will be…
In the flow, loving myself and loving others from a whole new place. Free from fear and lack!

My Story

I have two stories that perfectly exemplify the magic of HeartMastery, and how it transformed the claustrophobic life I was living inside a cage of fear and lack. I have had two long time dreams: one is that I have always longed to go to Barcelona, and the other is that I have wanted to pursue my passion and joy in teaching dance. Just starting my chiropractic business, there was no time, no money, and no me left for my dreams. It was nose to the grindstone all the way. I talked to my private coach in HeartMastery about how I was living inside a box, always worried and afraid that there was not enough time left to have kids, not enough money to pay the bills, not enough strength in my body to keep doing adjustments all day every day, not enough not enough. Sheva helped me access the values in my heart, which helped me realize that the most valuable things in my life were not money or time, but rather my love, my passion, and my relationships with others. I found that as I incorporated my love of dance in my chiropractic work, I was able to develop a form of therapeutic movement that helped people heal more quickly than chiropractic alone and that was less taxing on my body. As I came to see my loving relationships with others as a more important resource than money, a miracle occurred. A friend called to say she was being sent to Barcelona for business and would I like to come and travel around with her for a week, all expenses paid if I could get there. Turns out I had enough air miles for the flight, so I got to make my dream come true for FREE on the value of my loving connections. Thank you HeartMastery for making my dreams come true!

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